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About ventilation

With the spread of new coronavirus infection, the importance of “ventilation” has been pointed out as one of the measures to prevent infectious diseases.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has adopted the following methods to avoid the risk of cluster infection. Encourage ventilation: Perform proper operation and inspection of ventilation equipment so as not to create a closed space with poor ventilation. Ventilate regularly to take in the outside air. (* 1)

In response to this, the Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan and the Architectural Institute of Japan have published Q & A related to ventilation, and explained in detail how to ventilate. (* 2, 3)

As mentioned above, ventilation is effective for the control of infectious diseases, but on the other hand, when ventilation is performed, the outside air is taken in, which makes it difficult to control indoor humidity and raises concerns about hygiene and comfort. The importance of humidity control is shown in the figures below. It is said that maintaining a humidity of 40 to 60% is a comfortable environment, but it is difficult to keep the humidity constant at the set value with general air conditioning systems, and it is more difficult to perform ventilation recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.


Relationship between humidity and viruses

We would like to introduce a new noteworthy research report on the relationship between infection control and humidity.

What Moist Processor can perform

Humidity control while ventilating

The Moist Processor is a humidity control air conditioner that removes dust and disinfects, adjusts the temperature and humidity, and supplies a large amount of fresh air indoors. Humidity can be controlled while ventilating with it, and it plays the role of filling the room with clean and conditioned air. It can maintain high hygiene because it can ventilate without opening windows or Excessive operation of the ventilation fan.

不安定な室内環境 安定した室内環境

In addition, it has a powerful dehumidifying and humidifying function, and you can switch the functions with a simple operation. The device has an inlet (air intake) and an outlet (supply air outlet) for outside air, and the humidity is controlled so that the air taken in is in a comfortable state in the process.

Realization of comfortable and hygienic space


The Moist Processor supplies air with 100% outside air that has been processed for temperature and humidity, so it is possible to control the room to a positive pressure by adjusting the balance with the exhaust air. By maintaining a positive pressure in the room, you can prevent the entry of drafts and reduce the loss of air conditioning energy and the entry of dust.

Creating a space where you can maintain your health and physical condition and achieve high-quality activities

We believe that the essence of air conditioning is to “maintain health and physical condition and achieve high-quality activities.” Due to the deterioration of the outside air environment caused by viruses, PM2.5, yellow sand and pollen, it becomes difficult to create a space where people can maintain their health and physical condition and carry out high-quality activities.

By using Dyna-air’s Moist Processor and air conditioner together, you can create a free combination of temperature and humidity.

We will help you achieve a safer space to keep good health and physical condition.